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  • I can’t say enough great things about the Anti-Aging Clinic. Since my first visit over a year ago, Sylvia and Mark have been the consummate professionals, providing both excellent customer service and amazing results for my skin. I have had numerous treatments including microdermabrasion and the Spectra peelm which Mark recommended. The results have been nothing less than spectacular. I have sufferred from acne since grade 6 (I’m now almost 30), and I have tried countless topical creams and oral medications (including Accutane) prescribed by doctors. The Spectra peel was the only thing that has actually lessened the oil production on my face, and provided me with consistently clearer skin. Mark was just as excited as I was about the results, and his enthusiasm for what he does really shows. Mark even takes the extra time to ensure that every inch of my face has been treated, because he is meticulous and pays such close attention to detail – for someone who has obsessed over her skin for years, it is really refreshing to find a technician who cares as much as I do about the outcome of these treatments! Sylvia and Mark have been fantastic, and I have referred my sister and friends here – only great things to say – check them out!!!

    Our client testimonials

    Christine Hobkinson

  • I first discovered the Anti-Aging Clinic through a Groupon for chemical peels and microdermabrasion. But I also have used this clinic for laser treatment services and have always had a pleasant experience with the staff who are all knowledgeable and friendly. About a couple of months ago, I called in for a microdermabrasion and Silvia told me about a newer technology that they recently acquired has become available and is more promising for acne treatment than any other I have tried before. Naturally, as someone who has struggled with acne since highschool (and I am 27 now) and have tried every product on the market as well as trying to go “naturale” (i.e. no products and “clean-eating”) … so I was a skeptic. In fact, I was ready for Accutane as of two months ago, and had already acquired the necessary bloodwork to obtain a prescription. I have mild-moderate acne but it has been persistent and so the dermatologist was willing to help me out. It took a bit of convincing from Silvia (who feels almost like family to me now since she is a very caring person) but she strongly recommended this approach in place of Accutane in order to give me far better results without all the risks and side effects that came along with Accutane. This technology is called Spectra Laser and she said after three treatments the sebaceous glands would not produce the same degree of oil. These treatments only last two hours each and are spaced out about two weeks apart. Considering Accutane would require monthly doctor appointments and comes with a hefty price tag, it seemed worthwhile for me to give this a shot and see how well it worked out before I would go on Accutane. I also discovered that the mechanism behind Accutane is to reduce oil from your sebaceous glands but from the inside. This meant that both Accutane and this treatment do the same thing, except this Spectra laser technology comes with no side effects since it is a topical treatment. This meant that trying this technology was a no-brainer….

    IN CONCLUSION! This procedure works!!! I have not used any topical acne cream in over a month now and I rarely break out. I previously had very blocked pores and this has mostly subsided. My skin has not looked so good in a long time and I feel like my skin is more normal and not oily. Her husband performs the procedure and he is a perfectionist so I know I’m in good hands. I also made the decision not to go on Accutane! My mother was very happy to hear this because she was concerned for my health. I am very grateful for their help and would recommend this clinic and procedure to anyone with acne issues! I have already told some friends about it.

    Our client testimonials

    Lisa M.

  • I am 21 years old and have been struggling with acne and especially acne scars for as long as I can remember! I had to be deathly ill in order to leave the house without putting makeup on, I hated swimming or spending the night somewhere knowing my makeup would be removed and others would see what I really look like. Don’t even get me started on the days I woke up with a break out, I would be in tears and refuse to leave the house! Well let me tell you…. I have said goodbye to those days in this last month with the amazing staff at this clinic. The spectra peel I’ve had every two weeks was slow to start, and I was considerably impatient. However after healing from only the second treatment, my god what a difference in my skin. Not only were the scars much less noticeable and some completely vanished, my entire skin appeared much smoother, brighter, and overall flattering. Even times when my skin was horrid before, like getting out of the shower or the gym, I have found myself looking in the mirror and thinking. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if someone saw me right now. And not only do I notice a difference, but people in my life have noticed a difference! My confidence has been greatly boosted! And not just in terms of my facial appearance 🙂 I just feel better overall 🙂 Thank you Mark and Sylvia!!!! You’ve been an amazing to me!

    Our client testimonials

    Nicole B

  • I went into the clinic because I had purchased a Groupon for microdermabrasion after getting a recommendation for the clinic from a friend. The clinic is located in a residential type house, which literally gives it a homey, down to earth feel and the staff are all very warm and courteous. There is no air of pretension, which is sometimes experienced at other beauty spas/cosmetic clinics.

    During my assessment, I was advised that I have melasma. I had always wondered why my forehead was darker than the rest of my face but I hadn’t realized what the issue was till they brought it to my attention. Subsequently, I decided to get 3 sessions of the Laser Spectra Peel instead to help treat my melasma as well as my acne scars and existing acne breakouts. A thorough initial assessment was done due to some underlying medical conditions that I have and Silvia wanted to make sure we were both comfortable with the course of treatment. She even suggested that I stick to the cheaper microdermabrasion rather than pursuing the laser option if I was uncomfortable or had any doubts about how my skin would react with the laser. This demonstrated that their best interests truly lie with their patients and not with trying to upsell you to purchase more expensive products.

    I am currently still in the process of my 3 laser sessions. Every time I have visited the clinic Sarah, Mark and Silvia have been nothing but professional and yet very friendly. Mark always takes the time to answer all my questions and discuss the course of treatment since I have sensitive, combination skin and am trying to treat both acne and melasma. He makes sure to explain what he is doing and is a perfectionist when it comes to his work always trying to achieve the best results while making sure that patient care is at the forefront.

    After the first treatment alone, I saw improvement in my acne scars as they became swallower and less noticeable. The pigmentation on my forehead started to break up. My skin overall looked brighter. I had some follow-up questions after my first treatment and both Silvia and Mark took the time to speak to me when I called. They were happy to answer my questions and didn’t make me feel like I was imposing on them.

    I think it’s a better investment to work on improving my skin’s complexion and ultimately look more naturally beautiful, than to spend money on makeup and trying to cover up the imperfections. I am happy with the results and glad I made the investment!

    Our client testimonials

    Natasha S

  • I first went to the Anti-Aging Clinic last year for a chemical peel. I found a deal on Groupon and thought I’d give them a try – and I’m so happy that I did. Silvia is amazing, and my skin looked spectacular the next day. I’ve been to other places to have the same treatment done but I find that they’ve been more aggressive with my skin, but Silvia is thorough, gentle and takes her time. She really knows what she’s doing. I’ve been back since for more peels and microdermabrasion, I love the staff. They’re super accommodating and friendly. I’m happy that I’ve found a go to place for anti-aging treatments.

    Our client testimonials

    Brenda Malhotra

  • I came to this clinic because I was just tired of my acne and the marks they were leaving. And I am very glad I did!

    Initially, I came to find this clinic via a groupon deal for microdermabrasion back in December. It was a tad awkward start to my first visit since I sat in the waiting area with another client and Silvia had started my assessment basically with the other client there as audience. I think she figured out that it was uncomfortable for me to be discussing my skin insecurities in front of a stranger and the other client was brought inside to begin her appointment.

    Silvia and Mark were very helpful in explaining what would work for me an what wouldn’t. Mark suggested 3 sessions of the carbon spectra peel to deal with my existing acne and the red marks. Luckily a cancelation that day allowed me to start my first session right away! I thought I might as well make a small investment to really take care of my skin.

    The carbon spectra peel laser portion itself had some discomfort, but nothing major.
    Both Silvia and Mark were very pleasant and thorough for my treatment. They are people who really understand what makes a client happy and how to provide good results.

    At the end of my 3rd session, my skin wasn’t quite where we had hoped to be and Mark was happy to offer a touch up session to get me to the clear skin I wanted. I can honestly say my skin is more clear now, my pores were smaller even after the 2nd session, and skin tone might more even and bright.

    I just finished the touch-up session and know that my skin is healing now. Pretty sure in a couple of weeks all my marks will be gone and the acne won’t be returning.

    The staff here are awesome and really hard work to get me to the results me I wanted – they do so safely and are just super nice! I am so glad I found them and will definitely be returning for my follow-ups.

    Our client testimonials

    Elaine Wong

  • I have always been embarrassed by the veins on my legs, to the point where I hadn’t worn shorts or skirts in years. I felt hopeless as I didn’t know what I could do to make the changes I needed so I could feel better about myself. It wasn’t until a close friend of mine referred me to the Anti-Aging Clinic; she had nothing but good things to say about her experience there. I have to say that what first struck me was the staff, especially Silvia. They made me feel welcomed and comfortable, which put me at ease. I always knew what to expect during the procedure and her after-care advice for the laser therapy I received was very helpful. The second thing that struck me was the results! I saw major changes after my first treatment and didn’t have to go back to the third appointment as my desired results were achieved in only two visits! The Anti-Aging Clinic offers a wide variety of services at reasonable prices. Silvia often runs promotions which sweetens the deal further. Also, I love to support an independent business (especially when it is run by a women!!) With that being said, I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time I feel good about myself and now on date night, I get to wear what I want to and my husband just loves my new attitude. I would and have recommended the Anti-Aging Clinic to my family and friends.

    Our client testimonials

    Alison Ernesto

  • A great experience! The clinic is clean and staff very professional. Sylvia was knowledgeable and very personable and took time to discuss the treatment with me. I agree with another reviewer that there is no air of pretension sometimes found in other clinics. I would not hesitate to return.

    Our client testimonials

    Terri Jankelow

  • I have gone to this clinic initially for a chemical peel and was absolutely mesmerized by the hospitality that I received right in the beginning! Silvia greeted me in a very friendly manner and went through the process of the treatment in details. Later on, she told me about Laser Spectra peel which was more suitable for my skin and face. I actually ended up getting the three sessions of Laser Spectra Peel. For the duration of my treatment, I received the utmost friendly environment. To be honest, I was quite scared to try the laser peel but they were so professional and helpful in calming me down and giving me all the information and even allowed me to speak to another client who had the same stuff done. I really felt at home and under good hands. I am going back there to get another session of spectra peel for maintenance purposes. I’d definitely recommend this clinic. Their services are awesome, done safely, makes you feel welcomed and most of all, whatever service you get dobe, actually works! I didn’t have to worry about my acne after i got my treatment! LOVE’d it! Money I spent was definitely worth it. Who doesn’t want good skin? Better to put the money down where you know it will give good results! Thumbs up!

    Not to mention I have hogged a lot of their candies that they set out on their table for clients. Literally!

    Our client testimonials

    Shamima Orny

  • Very nice and professional clinic. You go in and the clinic is super clean, nice and cozy. You will be greeted by a nice lady and she will go over the procedure with you and have you fill out a survey. She discusses the treatment in depth. I got the microdermabraision and it was very pleasant and unpainful. After I was done my face still looked normal (no redness!) and was very soft 🙂

    Only thing to beware about is that there is no parking, so you will need to park across the street on the side roads.

    I would definitely recommend this clinic.

    Our client testimonials

    June Li

  • I went to Antiagingclinic because I was googling Spectra Peel in Toronto, Antiagingclinlic came up on top search. The reason I wanted Spectra Peel is because my skin was damaged by IPL and my pore were enlarged worse than orange peel, my overall skin condition was just brutal that I cry to myself everyday looking at the mirror. I used to have poreless skin. In my reserach Spectra Peel could help diminish the pores.

    Went and have a consultation with Mark, he ensure me that he can help diminish the pores by 50% with 3 treatments of Spectra peel. Sure enough it did help like he said. I had a total of 6 treatment and the service was very good.

    Our client testimonials

    Vivian Tsao

  • The Anti Aging Clinic in Toronto is first class! They are extremely professional and deliver great results. They also have so many services to choose from that its becomes a one stop shop. I highly recommend this company – Silvia and Mark are fantastic!

    Our client testimonials

    Jessika Skeels

  • I really can’t describe how wonderful an experience, I had while at the Anti-Aging Clinic. I went in for a Chemical Peel, the technician and I both discussed how there had to be a better name for it (haha)

    Right from the start of entering. I was warmly greeted. My coat was taken and I was asked to sit in the waiting area. I filled out my paperwork and then we chatted about other procedures the clinic had to offer. At first I felt this was a “Pressure Sales” technique to get me to buy more but it wasn’t! We discussed the other services, the benefits of those services and then that was it. It felt great to be getting information about future services without feeling pressured into picking something that day.

    Going into the room where my chemical peel would take place. The first thing I noticed was how clean and warm and inviting it looked and felt. I was offered a blanket right away just in case I was cold and then we started.

    Through each step of the procedure the staff were very hands on. Talking me through what they were doing and why. I was asked every few minutes how my skin felt. I felt not only like I was getting quality service but that I was “safe” and so was my skin.

    The procedure finished. We chatted a little while, I paid and then BAM! I was told that if I shared my story and discussed my services via social media, I would earn points that I could use towards a reward. How cool?!? So not only was I made to feel like a valued customer upon entering and leaving but I was going to be rewarded just for sharing my story.

    I will be returning here again and again and will most definitely be getting friends to go as well.

    Our client testimonials

    Samantha Lauzon

  • I went there a few days ago for the first time, for a microdermabration session and I must say, this was one of the most pleasant sessions I’ve had in a beauty clinic in a long time. Sadly, I’ve gotten used to the pretentious, up-sell culture of many high-end clinics, and I didn’t feel any of that here. The specialist was extremely knowledgeable, took her time with the treatment, and she tailored the session to my skin type. I also loved the overall atmosphere of the place – they were very friendly and pleasant to deal with. I haven’t tried any other treatments there yet, but so far, the micro session was wonderful. Will definitely be coming back.

    Our client testimonials

    Nika J. - Toronto

  • I went to this clinic for my first ever microdermabrasion treatment, and I’m so happy that I did. The clinic offered all that I was looking for. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and explained the entire process to me, which was important, as I had never had this type of treatment before. The clinic is conveniently located in the heart of the city, which makes it very easy to travel to either via transit or car. And the treatment was a delight. I absolutely loved it. My husband even noticed a difference with the glow of my skin when I returned home. My skin looked smooth and my pores were refined, especially along my nose. The prices are also very reasonable and they offer a variety of packages. I will definitely return.

    Our client testimonials

    Jackie G. – Toronto

  • Saying good-bye to razors forever!

    For years, I continued with the traditional waxing because it was comfortable and familiar to me. I finally decided to make the leap of faith into the wonderful world of laser hair removal. I am so happy I found the Anti Aging Clinic. They exceed my expectations. I have had great results! They make you feel very comfortable and at home. The laser package I purchased has been worth every penny. I don’t know much about machines but it seems as though they have the best in the industry.

    I also had a microdermabrasion session and can honestly say that the treatment was so much better than ones I’ve had in the past. They are very honest and their prices are reasonable. You will not be disappointed.

    Our client testimonials

    Julie G. – Toronto

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