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Skin Tag Removal in Toronto

What are Skin Tags?


Skin tags are small growths that can be the same colour as or slightly darker than the surrounding skin. Skin tags can typically be found on the face, neck, underarms, and groin. And even if skin tags are not visible, they can still cause you to feel self-conscious. At Anti Aging Clinic, we offer painless skin tag removal in Toronto.

Our laser skin tag removal procedure is simple, fast, and effective. We simply use a laser to touch the skin tag and within two days, it falls off and your feeling of confidence returns. It typically takes one to two treatments and there’s no downtime involved; simply visit our location and you’re on your way. You can even book an appointment on your lunch break and be back to the office in time.

Skin tags are typically found on women, people who are overweight, and those with darker skin tones. Due to increased hormone levels, pregnant women are particularly susceptible to skin tags. Skin tags can vary in size, from as small as a pinhead right up to the size of a grape! Though skin tags may fall off on their own, it is not recommended that you try to remove them yourself. And while repeated twisting may cause a skin tag to fall off, it may result in scarring or infections.

Laser Skin Tag/Mole Removal


In addition to laser skin tag removal in Toronto, we also offer laser mole removal in Toronto. While moles may be beauty marks that some people prefer, they can also be raised, hairy, and completely unsightly. We use lasers to effectively remove moles in as little as three treatments. The laser is absorbed by the pigment of the mole, which then causes it to contract then shrink.

Lasers are highly effective in removing moles since they target the lesion with pinpoint accuracy. It should be noted that if you have certain skin conditions or you are taking certain medications, laser mole removal may not be for you. Moles may also be an indication of skin cancer. We recommend consulting with a dermatologist before undergoing laser mole removal.

Contact Anti Aging Clinic today to learn which medications and skin conditions may prevent you from having the procedure.

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