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Tattoo Removal

Posted By: Anti Aging Toronto | May 28th, 2014 | services

Tattoo laser Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Toronto


Our new laser technology uses laser energy to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo.


You can typically expect up to 25% fading per session depending on the type of ink used.Ink particles are targeted by laser energy and broken into small fragments that your body can absorb. Tattoo ink is heavily deposited deep into your skin, and as a result in order to completely remove the tattoo, 5 to 8 sessions are typically required, in most cases.


How long are the treatments:


Each session usually takes between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the size and colour of the tattoo.


Is there any downtime?


With no downtime and minimal side effects, you may immediately return to your daily activities.


Tattoo scheduling of appointments is normally performed 4 to 8 weeks apart


Will my tattoo be completely removed ?


No tattoos are alike, they vary in type of ink and colours used, and depth of application.


Black and red inks are generally the easiest to remove; blues and greens are moderate; while light colours such as yellow tend to be the hardest.


Not all tattoos are always removed 100% it depends on skin type, type of ink used and how long you have had the tattoo.


“But typically however most inks are completely removed with only minor skin pattern variations.”

“Spectra is clearly the laser of choice for tattoos. Hands down,its the best laser system when it comes to tattoo removal”

Kevin Duplechain, MD,FACS

Laser skin care of Louisiana,USA



Spectra Laser Tattoo removal

Results above vary between 2 and 8 treatments.

Body Tattoo Removal

Results after 8 sessions


Obtain dramatic results


Both amateur and professional tattoos are now possible to be removed with the latest technology. We use FOUR distinct and separate wavelengths for tattoo removal:


1064- black, blue and brown

532- purple, red and orange

585- sky blue

650- green

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