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Permanent Melasma Removal

Posted By: Anti Aging Toronto | August 5th, 2014 | services

Before And After Melasma Treatment

Melasma removal

Melasma Removal Treatment


Melasma is a skin condition usually seen in women and is characterized by darker patches of skin. These patches often appear on the cheeks, upper lip, chin, and forehead and are generally the result of hormonal changes, such as pregnancy. One typical case is the development of this condition during pregnancy, commonly called ‘pregnancy mask’, which in most cases disappears after delivery. However, in a small percentage, the condition remains on the face.


Melasma does not cause any other symptoms beyond the cosmetic discoloration. Melasma is also common in pre-menopausal women. Women with a light brown skin type who are living in regions with intense sun exposure are particularly susceptible to developing this condition. Genetic predisposition is also a major factor in determining whether someone will develop Melasma.


Melasma is caused by excessive melanin, the natural substance in cells that give color to skin, hair and eyes. Melasma usually gets darker with heat exposure such as sun or IPL treatments. Although IPL photo facials may improve skin with sun damage or hyperpigmentation, it will make it worse and darker if the condition is Melasma. A licenced professional should easily be able to identify the difference between the conditions of Melasma and sun spots, and avoid treating Melasma with IPL to avoid the risk of worsen the condition.


The Anti Aging Clinic in Toronto specialises in eliminating or reducing Melasma, providing the Perfect Melasma Solution using laser technology, and by applying moderate to low heat, with the following benefits:


  • Long term results, on both the surface, and deeply penetrating the dermis for long lasting results
  • Evens out skin tone
  • No downtime
  • Safe for most skin types (we will only perform procedures on skin types that are safe)
  • Comfortable procedure
  • No messy creams


There are no quick fixes for Melasma. The Melasma treatment is a combination of two procedures that alternate weekly, in general for up to 10 weeks as needed. The first procedure is called Laser Spectra Peel and it takes about 2 hours; the second procedure is called Laser Toning, and it take about 15 minutes. The procedures reduce Melasma on each session by using the application of specialized laser energy to gently break up the dense pigmentation on the surface, while working also deeply within the dermis for long term results. The body’s natural removal process will excrete the melanin with no harmful effects.


What to expect during treatment:


The Laser Spectra Peel procedure usually takes about 2 hours depending on the location and severity of your Melasma; and includes the following steps:


  • Cleansing and toning of your face
  • Microdermabrasion treatment to deeply clean and open your pores
  • Application of a light layer of Spectra Lotion to your skin, this lotion has a carbon base, so your skin will appear muddy
  • Warming up of the carbon base lotion under a steamer
  • Application of laser energy to your skin; you will hear a slight snapping sound when the laser is fired and you may feel a tingling or warmth sensation
  • Multiple passes with the laser at different setting are required during each treatment
  • Your face will be then cool down with the most appropriate method, such as cold towel or gel mask
  • Application of antibacterial and moisturizers as required
  • Last but not least, application of sunscreen lotion

With the combination of Spectra’s unique carbon facial and laser toning you will also notice huge additional benefits:

  • Glowing youthful looking skin
  • Improved overall skin tone
  • Smoother feeling by evening out skin texture
  • Improve acne and acne scars
  • Reduces large pores

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