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Finally Permanent Melasma Removal
Melasma is a skin condition usually seen in women and is characterized by darker patches of skin. These patches often appear on the cheeks, upper lip, chin, and forehead and are generally the result of hormonal changes... Read More
The Infini Procedure: Non-Surgical Face Lifts in Toronto
As you age, your dermis shrinks causing loss of elasticity, which results in unsightly facial sagging and drooping. Excessive sun damage and smoking can also contribute to the collagen breakdown affecting skin elasticity. Read More
Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy in Toronto
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a simple procedure that uses your own cells and your body’s natural growth factors to treat aging skin. PRP is also more casually known as the “PRP Facelift,” as it references... Read More
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  • I am very grateful for their help and would recommend this clinic and the Spectra Peel Laser procedure to anyone with acne issues! I have already told some friends about it...

    Lisa M.

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  • Every time I have visited the clinic Sarah, Mark and Silvia have been nothing but professional and yet very friendly. Mark always takes the time to answer all my questions...

    Natasha S

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  • They're super accommodating and friendly. I'm happy that I've found a go-to place for anti-aging treatments...

    Brenda Malhotra

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  • The staff here are awesome and really work hard to get me the results I want—they do so safely and are just super nice! I am so glad I found them and will definitely be returning for my follow-ups...

    Elaine Wong

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  • I am so happy I found the Anti Aging Clinic. They exceed my expectations. I have had great results!

    Julie G. – Toronto

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Hours Of Operation - Tue - Sat 10am - 6pm | Sun 11am - 5pm